December 2, 2019

Aurora Castagna

Discover the interview of Aurora Castagna from Auca Design in Teramo, Italy.

How did you become designer ?

Since I was young I loved to draw: I spent much of my free time, drawing drawing and drawing, but I never thought that something connected with art one day would be my full-day job!
After graduating in Accademia delle Belle Arti in “photography and graphic design” degree, I worked as a stager inside a small agency in my hometown, in Central Italy: there I’ve learned the real application of graphic design to real projects and real clients; then I decided to become a freelance graphic designer and to work on my own: Auca Design it’s a one “woman” studio, but I firmly believe in collaborations and inspirations between colleagues and other freelances such as photographers, printers…

How would you define your vision of design, your style ?

I believe that the main point of a graphic designer is to solve problems: clients problems, such as creating a packaging useful to sell the product, or creating a brand identity that communicates the vision and feelings of the brand; in this way I try to deal with every single project in a unique way, creating every single time something “tailor-made” for that one project. Surely, my style reflects my handmade approach: I always start with pencil and paper, and whenever I consider it appropriate I leave the freehandd drawing imperfections and peculiarities. I love to use illustration, lettering and handlettering intrusions in my works.

For the future, what are your professional projects

Now I’m working with clients that put in my hands their business and products to give life to brand identities and packaging to be recognizable and that can help them to sell: I’m really honored that these people have faith in me and in my vision. For the future I would like to continue to work on this kind of projects: logos, packaging, brand identities and I would also enhance my lettering and typography skills and experiment with sign painting: I really love to have time away from my screen and to do something totally made with my hands. Experimenting new fields is fundamental for creativity, event if finding free time for your own reaserch is really difficult sometimes.

What do you like the most in your job ?

The most beautiful (oh, and the most difficult too) aspect of my job is that every project, and every client, is different: the challenge is to find the right solution that will work and be functional for the business, that will be accepted by the client and that will reflect the designer vision. It’s really difficult, believe me, but it’s exciting and not boring at all. The other aspect that I love of my job is to be a freelance and so my own boss.

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