April 8, 2019

Aurora Castagna aka Auca Design

Cantina Indigeno, in the heart of Central Italy, produces natural wild wines from biological grapes with spontaneous fermentation.
Emancipate wine from extraneous elements is their mission. A tribal uprising to unite vineyard communities under an authentic idea, as a totem, that is an expression of truthfulness, homeland connection and mysterious spirituality.
With this briefing, I created the main illustration of Indigeno labels: the totem, venereted by a group of bizzare and grotesque characters. Then, these characters became each label fulcrum: Pirandello inspiration for Giara Wine, the metropolitan environment for MP3 Wine, the so italian escape on Lambretta for Gas Wine, and so on. Each label tell a story through the illustration and through the colors, that I choose to match the relative wine color.

Designer : Auca Design

Locality : Teramo, Italy

Project : Indigeno Wild Wines packaging