May 6, 2020

Aya Karout

A new packaging form for Nabat Organics (a Lebanese product of high quality grains) is created to be more visually appealing and used as an opportunity to render them eco-friendly ans sustainable. The structure is composed of cardbloard bags with a zip seal to keep products fresh, hence reducing the plastic use and utilizing environmentally friendly packaging in line with its organic branding. Photographs of rural Lebanese farmers involved in the process of plantation and gathering, were added to the design against a background of the plantation farms to reflect the sourcing of the product and highlight its freshness. Arabesque patterns are used in the middle ground to stress the Lebanese origin of the product, thus attracting regional markets as a local produce and opens it to international markets for its authenticity. Neverthless, incorporating both Arabic and English fonts furthuer reinforces this marketability. Various colors were used to differentiate each grain, and as for the blue middle ground, it is used to unify the packaging and helps to reflect Nabat Organics as a wholesome and nutritious product as the color is also associated with health.
Designer : Aya Karout

Location : Beirut, Lebanon

Project : Nabat House