July 20, 2020

Simón Londoño Sierra

Discover the interview of Simón Londoño Sierra  in Cali, Colombia

How did you become designer ?

I think that you never completely become something. I think I am yet becoming a designer with every technology advance, every new techniques. I learn and with every idea coming from anywhere that can change my way of viewing this discipline I work in. Anyway, I have felt passionate about creating images since I was a kid, maybe since I was 8 years old, if I remember well, but only when I grew up I knew this passion could be expressed below a technique, discipline or profession, which is basically called graphic design. I knew it before going to the college, thanks to the work of a dear friend of mine who already was a great designer in that time, Victor Ortiz also known as Iconblast.

We are always relating with design artifacts since we are born, but another thing is being aware of that, so I have been constantly becoming a designer since I decided to be it and work for it, and here I am after 6 years of working under this discipline.

How would you define your vision of design, your style ?

I think that design is a technique (doing), a way of thinking, a discipline (lifestyle), that goes far beyond than a style. That way of doing and seeing things is which sharpens the appearance and aesthetics of every project, that is what I call the design method, a visual language.

So my style comes with my methodology and creative process, which I may say that comes from the combination of the communication opportunities of every client and project I work in with my creative needs and desires. I mean, if I wish to create or explore a specific visual language I wait for the moment for it to be useful for the project of a client so we can explore it and create it.

For the future, what are your professional projects ?

Well, till now I have been working wit a short team of two more persons, I would like to grow up but in the creative instance, I mean, project that could make every time a higher impact in society and community that also let me explore more and more my creativity. I have not had time to create personal products with my work and going in the world of fashion is one my desire too. I’m also trying to grow the business looking for other ways where design can be useful, even if its not direct.

What do you like the most in your job ?

I like a lot of things, but for the best is creating images and seeing how they can be useful for someone else´s dreams (brands). I also like the sensation of working with others, teaching them my way of creating and learning theirs. And, finally, teaching and sharing my thoughts. Some of the moments of more happiness have been when giving conferences y seeing others conferences in design festivals, it feels so good to share ideas and realise the you are not alone with your way of thinking and dreams, my have given me great and valuable friends all over the world.