July 25, 2022

Pankti Sheth - De Icebreaker

Discover the interview of Pankti Sheth – De Icebreaker:

How did you become designer?

The notion of creativity and design has always appealed to me. The freedom to explore and express oneself in the creative field has always piqued my interest. I pursued a Master’s in Applied Art at the Maharaja Sayajirao University in Baroda. During my years there I learnt that a design has the power to solve complex problems or change people’s minds about things. My mentors helped me acquire the ability to visualize and illustrate ideas. Formal education adds value to humans. One must have an understanding and appreciation of not just design but all other aspects that go into blowing life into designs. It’s important that your suggested creative output makes business sense.

How would you define your vision of design, your style? 

Design is an amalgamation of science and art. As a result, we as designers mix expertise, ideas, and concepts. We strive to give the right mix to the client from the beginning of the ideation process to the final delivery of the artwork. Our team enjoys solving complicated issues while concentrating on people and the future, resulting in a smooth brand integration experience. We are enthusiastic about challenging the status quo, which motivates us to contribute creatively to every project.

For the future, what are your professional projects?

I envision bringing global standards and professionalism to the design process. The way global designers connect and work together is amazing, Collaborative working can lead to more powerful ideas in the future, and we strive to create a space where studios, agencies, and independent designers or artist can come together and innovate for the new generation brands, as well as emphasize the importance of design in India. We would like to educate business leaders about the value of design and how it can sit at the core of their strategy.

What do you like the most in your job?

I’ve been enamored with packaging since childhood. There were several FMCG packaging designs that piqued my interest, leading me to a career in packaging. They say ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, but we all do this. If a book has an interesting cover with an eye-catching image, you are more likely to pick it up and read it. In the case of consumer goods, whether a box of cereal, a cleaning product, or a pair of socks, if the box does not appeal to a customer immediately, the product, no matter how good, ends up languishing on a store shelf. that’s what i love the most about my Job, that it challenges me everyday.