November 28, 2022

Natália Athayde Porto - Studio Bah

Discover the interview of Natália Athayde Porto – Studio Bah:

How did you become designer?

By transformation! But let me explain. My graduation, in fact, is in the area of ??Advertising (Marketing). However, my work has always been more focused on the analytical and strategic side, in addition to having writing skills and enjoying venturing into graphic design. When I found StudioBah (where I became a partner a few years later), that’s when everything made sense. Instead of working as a publicist, I started working as a strategic designer, focused on the immersion and study part of graphic design projects. That’s why I say that I’m not a designer by formation, but by transformation. My personal tastes and my skills led me to work as a designer, different from the choice that I made when I entered college.

How would you define your vision of design, your style? 

Considering the analytical vision that a strategic designer needs, I understand that every project needs to bring clear reasons for its paths, as well as being connected to the essence of what we are working with. Pure aesthetics can be effective, however, when combined with a well-built base, the result becomes more powerful. And this is the creative line that we follow at StudioBah. Because we believe that each project has something unique to tell us, we don’t have a single style. Our approach turns out to be quite diverse, as we seek to express something particular about each work, and not just replicate the studio’s own style and fit our clients to it.

For the future, what are your professional projects?

We have some goals for the future of StudioBah. We are already reaching some of them, such as building relationships with companies and customers outside Brazil and recognition in international awards. Therefore, the internationalization of our company is one of the main goals we are currently targeting. But we also have some other professional plans in mind, such as becoming active in other dimensions of Design, not just through our branding studio. Some of our ideas are offering courses in the area and curating products.

What do you like the most in your job?

There are several reasons why I am amazed by what we do today. In addition to working daily with creativity, which is already a disturbing and motivating factor, the degree of immersion we perform in different universes is incredible. Our work is not focused on just one customer segment, so we deal with different market players, which ends up making us able to learn a lot about different areas 24/7. Our brains are always refreshing. And, of course, the end results of our projects make it all worth it. When we manage to connect all our studies and ideas and make them concrete to our clients in a way that they get emotional and vibrate with what they see, it is the great passionate moment of our work.