July 26, 2021

Marco Andrés Chiriboga

Discover the interview with Marco Andrés Chiriboga :

How did you become a designer?
I was really lucky. Bored in a class from the first carrer that I chose to study at university, I decided to go for a walk around the campus until I ran into the faculty of architecture, design and arts.
I asked permission to enter a class called “Design Workshop 01” taught by Belén Santillán. Finishing class and totally inspired by the teacher, I decided that I couldn’t study anything other than Design.

How would you define your design vision, your style?
I believe that through design we can start or continue to tell a story. It is a journey through time where many references inspire us and give us adequate perspectives to land and apply new ideas.
Despite not always knowing where we are going, it is very important to know where we come from. In this way we will have authenticity in our creations.
I believe that each design requires an open mind and a unique exploration. What I try is to express the essential in the simplest possible way.

For the future, what are your professional projects?
I want to get fully into packaging. I believe that this is a constantly evolving area and that it can increasingly be linked to interactive design.
I want to be able to generate new experiences in the use of a product and its promotion based on trends and digital exploration.

What do you like the most in your job ?
I like begin a creative process. Exploring ideas and looking at trends that diving me into the world where a brand or product will live. I believe that experience and social interaction are essential to understanding the scope of a project.

You can find out more on Instagram : Marco Andrès Chiriboga