August 10, 2020

Laura Normand

Discover the interview of Laura Normand  in Paris, France

How did you become designer ?

I worked a lot to get my Global Design master degree specialised in Research & Innovation in the french school École de Condé. An amazing school with amazing teachers who always push you to go further and assert your unique style! Then, I think it’s the professional experiences (internship, first job, first freelance projects…) that make you become a designer and find the way to take.

How would you define your vision of design, your style ?

It’s hard, even impossible to define yourself but I can tell you what influences me.

First, my specialization in the Innovation during my studies pushed me to always make something new, unique with sense. Not just do something trendy & beautiful! So I try to experimente everyday to not be static and renew myself.

Next, I love the thought of Ettore Sottsass! He used to explore different shapes every single day and do therapeutic design : Which means, colorful, fun & unique! I strongly follow this though!

Finally, I’m passionate about the 70’s designs. All my apartment is fully furnished with furniture from the 70s. Their shapes are round, soft & madly simple! I love that efficiency! That’s why I am inspired by these years.

For the future, what are your professional projects ?

I never know what the future will bring me. That’s what I love with this job! I just hope to live about my passion till the end! 🙂

What do you like the most in your job ?

What I prefere in my job, is the first phase of a project. I love to scribble in my sketchbook, to research how I could make this project unique & incredible! I also sometimes dream about it and have to draw it immediately!
To sum it up, I love to draw the beautiful things I see in my brain! Which is very hard sometimes because it’s almost impossible to draw a though. But I love this challenge!