February 28, 2022

Karolina Król

Discover the interview of Karolina Król:

How did you become designer?

Before working exclusively in the design world, I studied business, psychology as well as design. I spent over 10 years marketing products in companies such as Unilever, Avon, and Nestlé. It’s where I learned the intricacies between design and a target audience and how essential they are in generating a buzz, building a rapport and ultimately, growing a business. After years of a successful career in business, while being drawn to storytelling through art and graphic design, it wasn’t until I started working closely with designers at work that I realised that I could combine my fascination with business strategy, marketing, and design to offer a truly valuable service. And this gave rise to the creation of my own design studio.

How would you define your vision of design, your style? 

I run a strategic branding and graphic design studio creating minimalist brand identities and natural, custom-illustrated packaging design for eco-friendly and sustainable brands. I create unique visuals over multiple mediums for brands that are committed to their values⁠—one of these being the environment. Working with natural, modern and minimalist design elements, my creations are refined and handcrafted to ensure a natural look and feel that resonates with the environmental values of my clients.

For the future, what are your professional projects?

I feel very fortunate that the sustainable qualities of my work seem to attract similarly minded people. I personally believe that sustainability is the best way forward—both for the us as individuals, and for our businesses—and I’m very happy when I have a possibility to work with people who share the same values. I love designing for natural, handcrafted, sustainable products, and working the concept of ‘reduce, reuse & recycle’ into a design system. I always try to develop packaging that is made using eco-friendly or recycled packaging materials, and environmentally-friendly methods of printing with vegetable or soy based inks. I also always try to think of ways to design reusable packaging that while being more eco-friendly, at the same time extends the brand experience and gives the audience something more. And this is what I want to continue focusing on in the future.

What do you like the most in your job?

What I love most about what I do, is helping present the world with brands that care for the environment. It’s one of the most satisfying feelings to help create the face of a brand that has the longevity of the planet as the ‘why’ of what they do.