December 23, 2019

Jo Cutri

Discover the interview of Jo Cutri in Melbourne, Australia.

How did you become designer ?

From a young age I have always had an interest in art and fashion. Being from a small city, becoming a graphic designer seemed to be an applicable way to build a career that combined those interests. I took every art class I could at school and even had my high school create a graphic design curriculum especially for me. I then studied Graphic Design & Advertising before going on to work at several design agencies before deciding to take the plunge and start my own business 9 years ago. Since then I have added a growing support team and have expanded our portfolio to include brand design and development, packaging design, web design and development as well as even hosting and support.

How would you define your vision of design, your style ?

Apart from design essentially being about creating something visually appealing and meeting the expectations of the client’s brief, graphic design is really about putting together a jigsaw puzzle of a collection of content; text, images, logos etc and arranging it in the best possible way. It of course helps to be very organised and particular too.
In regards to my designs, I try not to limit myself to a particular signature style, I prefer to remain diverse which allows me to be more appealing to a greater range of potential clients and projects. Especially when bouncing between several projects at one time it keeps things fresh. Working on similar projects all the time, designs can often start to look the same. I owe it to my clients to to remain dynamic so their project is always unique. I also have far too many styles that I am inspired by so it’s nice to have the opportunity to work on a vast range of work.
Most importantly though, great design should always encompass the vision of the client. One of the most rewarding things for a designer to hear after the completion of a project is that the result was even more than they had initially envisioned.

For the future, what are your professional projects

There are many dynamic packaging projects on the horizon which I am excited to begin working on and a few others nearing completion that I’m looking forward to sharing.
We have also recently completed a fully custom 3D render e-commerce website project where customers can design their own shoe styles which are then handcrafted and delivered, which was a huge learning curve for us all and very rewarding to work on.
I have just returned home from travelling through Italy, Morocco and Sweden, all countries with very unique design styles, so I’m feeling very inspired right now and ready to dive into some new projects.


What do you like the most in your job ?

I feel a great sense of pride in helping people develop their brand. It’s a great responsibility when a client is starting a new brand and instills trust in you to help them create it. It’s something that I always keep front of mind when working on a project. Most of my projects these days come from the US and Europe and it’s great to know that people all over the world would like to work with me. 
One thing that I always disliked about working in a big agency as a designer was never being a part of the whole process from briefing to completion. It takes many hands and minds to complete a large project but its exciting to work directly with the client, hearing their dream and working with them over the entire course to complete the vision. We can often start with little or no direction or with only very few references and it’s amazing to look back at the end to see you developed and created something beautiful.
My most favourite part of my job is thinking about and developing a logo or design incessantly and how its going to transpire, then something just clicks and you can see the whole vision. That’s always a wonderful moment which often comes at the most odd times.

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