September 13, 2021

Ferma Branding Agency

Discover the interview with Ferma Branding Agency :

How did you become a designer?
It is difficult for us to answer this question. We have a lot of people working at the agency and everyone has their own path. However, we have the same belief that design is one of the ways to change the world around us, and not only the visual environment. Design is about meaning, benefit, functionality as well as empathy in today’s world.

How would you define your design vision, your style?
At the agency, we always work using deep analytics of the products, the consumers as well as the market since most of the time we create consumer brands and work with grocery store shelves. Every single decision is primarily based on an analytical basis, and a great design for us is, first of all, filled with meaning. We love coming up with new ideas and imagining how the consumers will react to them. Will they be shocked, pleasantly surprised or intrigued? We always want the packaging to evoke some strong emotional feelings, give a new interactive experience and perhaps it can even change our look at the product itself. Therefore, we are not afraid of bold, revolutionary designs that can shake up the consumers and the market.
We are witnessing how quickly all spheres of life are changing: technologies development, innovations, services growth and so on. The grocery store shelves simply cannot stand still and remain conservative, appetising and tasty. This new wonderful world should change the products themselves first of all and put other aspects of choice in the first place: an ethical production, an interactive experience, and a contribution to changing the world. A product cannot just be hedonistic in these new realities. It must strive to constantly evolve and look for new ways to be useful to the consumers and the planet.

For the future, what are your professional projects?
We really want to work with brands with a sustainable development policy. They include brands that offer not only quality products, but also care about the world around (LOW-WASTE/RECYCLABLE), health, business ethics (ETHICALLY SOURCED). We are always happy to work with innovative products, new categories and we would like to launch our own projects in this direction, while popularising our approach among potential customers.

What do you like the most in your job ?
We love our job when customers can feel the design, understand how to develop and promote it on the market. We like to work with a product in a comprehensive manner, starting with building the product idea, naming, visualising the image and, at the end, enhancing the design with advertising communications and activations. We always have a lot of ideas on where to move the product further and how to seduce the consumers. When we undertake some complex projects, our competencies work as efficiently as possible.

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