July 19, 2021

Emilija Uzukauskiene

Discover the interview with Emilija Uzukauskiene :

How did you become a designer?
Looking back now, I realize that design has always surrounded me. As a child I loved to draw, build toy houses or create furniture for dolls out of matchboxes. It sounds strange now, but I grew up in a Soviet country, so I had to make my own games and find entertainment, which required a lot of creativity and imagination. Now I’m actually glad I did. Later I went to the Academy of Arts and entered the wonderful world of art, design and architecture. I gained a favourite profession and have been working in the field of graphic design for about 20 years.

How would you define your design vision, your style?
I work in branding, visual identity and graphic design areas. I always look for a balance between business and art, conceptuality and detail, playfulness and formality, beauty and function. I am into modern, simple, clean graphics, minimalist maybe a bit Scandinavian style, whose calmness and naturalness I try to complement with a bit of sophisticated or exclusive aesthetics.

For the future, what are your professional projects?
I always look forward to editorial (book) design projects as they are my greatest love, but in the future, I would also like to work in the field of packaging design as I find volumes, constructions, materiality very appealing. I also hope to pursue personal development and improvement in branding and visual identity.

What do you like the most in your job ?
What fascinates me about my job is the versatility of design, the broad applicability. I like looking for and finding solutions to a wide variety of problems or tasks. The most exciting (but at the same time frustrating) is the creative process. There is something magical about the feeling when order emerges from chaos and all the details come together to form a harmonious whole. A truly extraordinary feeling.

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