October 23, 2022

Zita Barber (Zita Borbély)

Limited edition of three delicious beers for the summertime. The labels are inspired by the great graphic artist, Glen Baxter, who is a master of funny visual storytelling by his colorful pencil drawings. The three labels for this series represent the continuous story of three good friends’ crazy adventures. On their casual vacation trip they head to a wonderful island. During the journey they have to master their obsessions, but that is not easy: Breadly is mesmerised by the Beermaids, Bella is the queen of the wild bananas, and Grace can’t help herself if Mr. Guava is around. Enjoy their trip whether the weather is cold or hot. Logo: with the contribution of Graphasel Design Studio Credit for the photos and for the video: Róbert Keszi

Designer : Zita Barber (Zita Borbély)

Location : Budapest, Hungary

Project : MONYO Brewing Co. – SUMMER SERIES 2021