October 25, 2022

Mellow & Banana

Context: The craft beer category began to feel monotonous and repetitive. But the market has reached such a point of maturity as to accept more disruptive proposals that evoke different concepts.

Solution: A brand that arrives to change the established. A brand that begins to challenge the category from the very first moment, placing a woman at the center. An inclusive and determined brand that breathes a different vibe. And without excluding the classic stereotypes of the male figure that has permeated this category over time, it is a brand that invites everyone to be part of it.

Description: Hanna Hops is a craft brewery. A determined brand. Keeping it simple. Hanna is full of life, of esotericism, of risky color palettes. It is authentic and a leader of a movement; its movement.

Designer : Mellow & Banana

Location : Bogotá, Colombia

Project : Hanna Hops Brewery