November 5, 2022

CUBA Branding

Craft brewery Heartly Brew is well known for its beer with funny brutal animals on its labels not only in Russia, but also in many countries of the world. The craft brewery is a multiple winner of various international beer competitions and festivals around the world and has been awarded many times.

On the eve of international festival Fox Rock Fest 2020, the famous “zoo” Heartly transformed exposing himself in a true rocker look.

Craft beer is similar to rock music – it is cocky, lawless and breaking the standards. Using this concept, our designers team of CUBA Creative Branding Studio, created a new fancy design of the limited Heartrock line for the Heartly Brew brewery.

The limited Heartrock line included the most famous styles of Heartly Brew beer, the front-runners of many beer festivals, well known by beer geeks and various craft beer lovers.

The characters created by the designers of CUBA Creative Branding Studio, are declaring a fearless rebellious approach, appropriate to the craft brewing in general and for each kind of Heartrock line`s beer.

The launch of the line is supported by original branded merch for all craft beer fans, craft beer lovers and rock fans.

Designer : CUBA Branding

Location : Lipetsk, Russia

Project : Rock styled craft beer by Heartly Brew