July 10, 2024

Stella Dimitrakopoulou

The Piperi Suites is a perfect destination in Kythnos to relax. Small apartments, minimalist aesthetics and sea view.

We were asked to design a minimalist identity with earthy colors and a different font somewhat more handmade.

The name piperi (peper) , also known as Kalapodi, is a small uninhabited island in the Cyclades. It is located southeast

of Kythnos and north of Serifos, and administratively belongs to the municipality of Kythnos.

Because of its shape it is known to sailors by the name Kalapodi.

In 2000, Piperi was included by the Greek state in the list of islands of the Aegean Sea recognized as islands of outstanding natural beauty

The main elements of the design are the view – window, the shape of the island Piperi and the light – sun.

The colours of the palette incorporated are clearly Greek in style.

Designer : Stella Dimitrakopoulou

Location : Greece, Athens


Client : Maria Karteri