June 28, 2024

Nômada Design

The packaging design project for The Hungry’s line of natural treats for dogs and cats was created to honor the pets’ ancestry, offering real treats made with top-quality meat. The packaging structure was meticulously designed, including the creation of the die-cut, along with the graphic project. The packaging features a minimalist design, using two blocks of the same color in different shades, complemented by a classic illustration of the animal from which the treat originates. A practical window allows for easy product viewing, while unique details such as phrases on the closure flap (“love at first bite”), a playful barcode, quality seals, and charming hand drawn illustration of a dog and a cat on the back enrich the design. The information hierarchy was carefully organized to facilitate reading and viewing the product’s features. We sought qualified suppliers to ensure high-quality production. This packaging design combines aesthetics and functionality, reflecting the purity and authenticity of The Hungry’s natural treats, ensuring that dogs and cats receive the best in terms of nutrition and flavor.

Designer : Nômada Design

Location : Blumenau, Brazil

Project : Natural Pet Treats • Packaging Design

Client : The Hungry Dog