June 29, 2024

Mustafa Abdelnabi Ali (MUSTA)

MAXELLO Layered Cake is a cherished offering from the confectionery brand Maxello, a proud entity under the Koning ownership since its inception in 2018. This brand has earned acclaim for its top-tier product line, and the Layered Cake is a standout delight.

In order to stay relevant in the constantly evolving and highly competitive market, Koning embarked on a design journey for some of their products. This strategic move was aimed at establishing a cohesive message that resonates globally amidst the ever-expanding market.

MAXELLO Layered Cake has matured as a brand, maintaining a leading position, thanks to its steadfast adherence to clear and resonant values.
The fresh design endeavor is geared towards addressing the challenge of striking a balance between indulging in delightful taste while prioritizing health. We have crafted an appealing, vibrant, uncomplicated design that evokes a sense of dynamism—emphasizing that motion is synonymous with well-being, and health is integral to a fulfilling life.

MAXELLO epitomizes the natural and captivating essence of life, exuding an eye-catching allure that not only enriches experiences but also conveys a product that breaks free from convention, amplifying the brand’s value in a visually impactful manner.

Designer : Mustafa Abdelnabi Ali (MUSTA)

Location : Cairo, Egypt

Project : MAXELO CAKE | Packaging Design

Client : Maxello