July 1, 2024

Mattéo Tabutieaux & Hugo Gentinne

“Kahut is a place, almost a community, where anyone can come and enjoy delicious Ayurvedic meals inspired by Belgium, while respecting nature and each other”.

The Warlis. An Indian tribe from the state of Maharashtra is the primary source of inspiration. Both in terms of content and form. The cahute is both the Warlis dwellings, a place of warmth, exchange and tradition, and the unmissable place in Belgium where you go to get your chips.

The Warli tribe paint their daily life scenes, but also their visions, using only geometric shapes. The logo takes up these characteristics to show the unbreakable link with the Warlis. By giving it a more contemporary look, it also gives that more Western feel.
This fusion is at the heart of the restaurant’s identity and atmosphere.

“Our values are passed on in the hut, and even beyond. Our new range of ‘at home’ products takes up the features of our identity and aims to be faithful to our commitments.”

Each label is unique, irregular and imperfect, just like each of us. The marriage of cultures is perceptible in the colour combinations: the darker tones are taken from the traditional clothing and environment of the Warlis, while the more fluorescent tones add a more contemporary touch. The use of two colours means that less ink is used, which is in line with our commitment to the environment. The Braille label adds the final touch to make our range accessible to everyone.

Designer : Mattéo Tabutieaux & Hugo Gentinne

Location : Namur, Belgium

Project : KAHUT

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