May 14, 2024

Creative Partners Studio

Mother is a cannabis brand headquartered in Miami, specializing in producing small-batch concentrates utilizing chemical-free extraction methods, thereby preserving the product’s purity. The primary design objective was to open this product to a new market. Cannabis concentrate branding and packaging are predominantly loud, masculine, and chaotic, meant to attract a more “hardcore” consumer. By taking a softer approach to branding and packaging, we wanted to hone in on the purity of the product by using a more subdued and delicate aesthetic.

The color palette for the product SKUs is sweet pastel hues, and the typography is a whimsical and classy art-deco-inspired sans-serif. The sphere-shaped containers are highly functional and appealing at the same time. (Given the challenges of handling resin due to its waxy consistency or sticky liquid form, the container’s inner sphere features a small crevice for product placement.) This design not only facilitates ease of transportation but also offers a tactile experience akin to holding an oyster with a concealed pearl, mirroring the essence of the product itself.

The vibe for the product photography is still and calm, and the marketing collateral is a combination of clean/straightforward type-only layouts paired with macro photography of the concentrates.

Designer : Creative Partners Studio

Location : Miami, USA

Project : Mother Concentrates

Client : Mother Concentrates