July 1, 2023

Tree Creative

Power Nuts is a brand that provides a wide range of agricultural products. Besides providing energy for its users, Power Nuts was established with the goal of spreading the energy of charity through a split revenue campaign, donating goods to children in the highlands who are in need.
With Power Nuts’ featured product line and meaningful message, Tree Creative needs to build a brand image full of positivity, showing the high energy, love, and affection represented by Power Nuts.
Tree Creative built the brand identity with a minimalist design and strong features, highlighting the enduring and resilient vitality of a brand that sows seeds to spread the message of love and care.
While creating the Power Nuts logo, True incorporated negative spaces in the design to create an image of “sprouts,” representing vitality and the natural growth of customers when using the product.
The identity design system centered around large, bold, and round curves, reaffirming Power Nuts as a reliable and energy-rich nutritional nuts brand within the market.
Green tones are incorporated all over the Power Nuts identification system; as the color of nature, it helps arouse positive energy for customers when interacting with the brand.
Power Nuts has put on a completely new shirt with uniformity in the identity system, properly expressing the brand strategy and the message of love, positivity, and charity.

Designer : Tree Creative

Location : Hanoi, Vietnam

Project : Powernuts