December 5, 2023

Studio Fen

A captivating wine label collection that seamlessly blends the rich heritage of renowned wine regions with the charm of man’s best friend.

Each label features a distinct dog breed indigenous to the wine’s origin, creating a visual narrative that connects the wine enthusiast with the region’s cultural heritage. The dogs, with their loyal and friendly demeanour, symbolise the warmth and hospitality embedded in the winemaking traditions of each locale.

The designs showcase abstract graphic backgrounds that evoke the essence of the wine’s terroir, capturing the unique geographical and climatic conditions that contribute to the flavour profile. These graphics not only provide an aesthetic appeal but also serve as a visual representation of the intricate tapestry of flavours waiting to be discovered.

Inspired by the vibrant colours found in the flags of the respective wine countries, the colour palette for each label is carefully selected to reflect the spirit of the region. From the pink hues reminiscent of sunsets to lush greens mirroring vineyard landscapes, the colours enhance the overall visual experience and establish a strong connection between the wine and its place of origin.

Designer : Studio Fen

Location : Newcastle, UK

Project : Bark + Barrel