December 18, 2023

Reynolds and Reyner

The Shabo Original Collection, comprising high-quality dry and semi-sweet wines, intricately weaves the narrative of Swiss immigrants who founded the Shabo settlement in the distant year of 1822 into its design. For two centuries, this land has served as the inspiration and passion for all winemakers in Ukraine.

The wines are exclusively crafted from the estate’s own vineyards in the Shabo terroir. Grapevines, carefully selected for the characteristics of local soils, were acquired in Europe and cultivated in the finest plots. Each wine in the Original Collection is assigned its own plot with a unique number, which, along with its geographical coordinates, is specified on the bottle’s back label.

The collection features five primary designs, each accompanied by a unique illustration associated with the formation of the company and the region. All illustrations exhibit a “disappearing” design, as if dissolving into history, reminiscent of the fleeting nature of time. The narrative for each is inspired by the design of the unique Dionysus Fountain located in the Shabo Center for Wine Culture.

Designer : Reynolds and Reyner

Location : Kyiv, Ukraine

Project : Shabo «Original Collection»