May 26, 2023

Non Gravity Creative Agency

The brief:
Freezy Breezy is a company that produces and sells deep-frozen, green-labeled Armenian fruits and vegetables. As part of the branding process, the main objective was to create a vibrant and eye-catching brand identity that would be displayed in the local and international markets and compete with other brands.

The creative concept:
The concept of the branding was built around the idea of the naturalness of products manifested in a light, even playful manner, thus making it attractive for various age groups. As Freezy Breezy combines traditional harvesting techniques with modern deep-freezing technologies, the main challenge was to create a brand identity that would deliver that idea through catchy naming, logo design, packaging, and a color palette. All of these were presented in an interactive manner, adding personalized characters that aimed to evoke empathy in customers.

The naming process was guided by the goal of conveying the idea of freezing fresh vegetables and berries while also adding a spark of creativity to the brand. The name “Freezy Breezy” turned out to be ideal for the brand with its rhythm that is easy to recall, conveying the idea of freshness and naturalness. In the name, “Freezy” means deep frozen, while “Breezy” stands for extra fresh products.

Logo design:
The logo for Freezy Breezy features a stylized image of berries or vegetables along with the company’s name in a playful, handwritten font. The main detail of the logo is trembling, twitching letters that literally show the logo is “freezing.”

The result:
The end result of the project was a catchy name that encapsulated the identity and concept of the brand. We also succeeded in developing a creative logo that continues the brand’s concept and perfectly matches all its components. Today, we are sure that Freezy Breezy is a strong competitor on the market that can present its products and stand out on the shelves with its eye-catching packaging.

Designer : Non Gravity Creative Agency

Location : Yerevan, Armenia