January 25, 2023


The process of designing the label for Capitão Bamú was a collaborative effort between the brand, talented illustrators at Estúdio Arth and the design team at Nômada. With a clear understanding of the message the brand needed to portray and the target audience, the team was able to create a design that effectively communicates the premium nature of the cachaça.

The process began with experimenting with different label shapes and testing them on the bottle to see which looked best. From there, 15 different design concepts were created and narrowed down through a series of tests and evaluations, taking into account factors such as impact and adherence to project criteria. The chosen design was then presented to the client and approved for production.
The overall visual concept behind the label was to honor the image of Mr. Sebastião, the grandfather of the brand’s founder, who was nicknamed “Captain” and was a cachaça lover. This is reflected in the label design, which features an image of Mr. Sebastião prominently and also includes his signature. The image of Mr. Sebastião and the grandson also appear on the back label.
The illustrations were done by Estúdio Arth in a nostalgic way, based on old photographs of Mr. Sebastião and the grandson. The linear style and in a single color were used to match the premium and modern style of the brand, aiming also to harmonize with the typography used in the project.
The typography chosen for the project has a luxury Victorian classic inspiration and unique characters, making the brand recognizable and distinctive.
Because Capitão Bamú is a premium cachaça, the design team also paid close attention to the use of special finishes in the label design. They aimed to create a label that would be an experience in itself and used as many finishes as possible in a balanced way. The use of special paper and finishes gives the label a tactile quality and adds an element of surprise. For example, a sugarcane illustration on the label that glows under UV light was added using a silk screen process to make the label more engaging and eye-catching.
To communicate a message of purity, the team also included a sugarcane illustration on the bottom of the label with the message “from sugarcane to the glass.” The elegant cooper colored hot stamping was used throughout the label to add a bit of spark to the design. The label design also includes an outline box element that contains all product information, Mr. Sebastião signature, five stars, bottle volume, alcohol %, and the CB monogram, which gives the label a modern twist while still respecting the classical aspect of the brand. The goal was to create a label that appeals to both traditional cachaça drinkers and younger consumers.

Designer : Nomada

Location : Blumenau, Brazil

Project : Blumenau