December 14, 2023

Morillas Branding

If definition leads to limitation, how do you define someone who does not stop growing? Telling the world who Jaime Beriestain is, could prove challenging. Is he a prestigious interior designer, an entrepreneur, a restaurateur, or a celebrity?

Jaime Beriestain is one of those people who discovers something and sets out to learn it and to live it tirelessly. His exigence and his fine taste mean that when he cannot find what he is looking for, he creates it himself. What best defines his personality is not a long list of creative adventures, but the values that guide them:
Curiosity, good taste, self-demand, closeness and authenticity.

In Morillas, we tuned in to Jaime Beriestain’s concerns and in return, we received a fascinating challenge: to start from the person and create a brand that would work in truly different fields and with utterly different audiences.

Designer : Morillas Branding

Location : Barcelona, Spain

Project : Jaime Beriestain, A rebranding for a renaissance man