September 14, 2023

Mood Packaging Studio

Quattro Elementi is a small winery located in Villasimius, Sardinia, just by the sea. Its production consists of 4 main types of wine, rigorously of natural production, spontaneous fermentation and non-filtered.
This type of wine-making creates a constant evolution and changing of the wine’s character from one vintage to another. Every new batch is slightly different from the previous, it never stays exactly the same.
Following this peculiarity we developed a label that communicates this slight and constant change using fascinating and vivid gradients that recall this concept. A use of serif fonts, balanced with some bold sans fonts, confers the label the traditional aesthetic of this winery, though leaving the feel of an elegant and composed label that increases the perceived value of this product.

Designer : Mood Packaging Studio

Location : Quartu Sant’Elena, Italy

Project : Quattro Elementi – Natural Winery