December 28, 2023


ENPRO is one of the organizations and communities working in the field of nature conservation in Vietnam. Established with the goal of preserving the beauty and purity of the natural environment. Through practical work, ENPRO creates activities to plant trees, regenerate the environment, and propagate environmental protection. From then on, it carries with it an extremely noble mission to help the next generation of young people understand the importance of and love nature more.

By implementing the brand identity for ENPRO, we not only want to bring positivity to the brand, but we also want this identity to be closer to young people when looking at it, helping to contribute to promoting the brand. Participate in activities to regenerate the green environment.

With the images that ENPRO brings to the community, the slogan we choose “Moi truo??ng xanh, cuo?c so?ng xanh” means that if each of us knows how to protect and preserve the green environment, our lives will also be will get better and better.

The ENPRO logo was inspired by the image of hills and green leaves in nature combined with soft lines expressing friendliness and gentleness. With the field of activity and the orientation of greening nature, we decided to use two main colors including green and white to help create comfort from all different angles.


Location : Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam

Project : ENPRO Nature Protection Community