December 19, 2023


ESUN is a large company specializing in supplying and designing solar battery systems in Ho Chi Minh City. With 5 years of experience in the field and many different domestic and foreign projects, ESUN confidently brings professional solutions and quality products to its customers. ESUN’s customers often focus on large domestic and foreign corporations, customers who demand high-end products. At ESUN, the company focuses on quality over quantity and the biggest goal in the future is to become a large, strong corporation.

With the ESUN brand, the first future development goal is to become the number one brand in the field of solar batteries. The second is to strongly develop the brand in European countries and finally upgrade the brand’s products, production systems, and operating processes.

The ESUN logo is inspired by the image of solar panels placed next to each other, creating a beautiful and interesting shape while still retaining the brand’s field characteristics.

We use blue and red as the main identification colors in the ESUN brand design. Red symbolizes passion, enthusiasm and the desire to bring the best values to customers. Blue symbolizes trust, transparency in work and safety for customers.

The idea of building a brand image was inspired by the image of sunlight shining on solar panels. Then it is stylized into lines combined with each other, with the use of colors changing from red to blue, meaning “passion and enthusiasm in work will create solid trust for customers”.


Location : Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam

Project : ESUN Solar Power System Brand