November 25, 2023

May design

Snack packaging also plays a crucial role in branding and advertising. An attractive packaging design for your snack is what can help your brand stand out from the rest.

If there is any perfect combination of explosive taste for the mouth and fanciful show for the eyes, it is rice-paper snacks by Meo Food company. It is a leading unit in the field of manufacturing and distributing rice-paper snacks in Vietnam.

We choose common but highly effective packaging in food preservation. It is not only suitable for the brand’s goal of “no preservatives” but also optimizes production costs. Uniform Key-Visual application across all product lines is a way to optimize brand recognition and save advertising costs. Depending on the ingredients of each product line, we purposefully choose each color group and illustration. The goal is to create logical flavor associations.

Project: Snack packaging
Category: Packaging
Client: Meo Food Co.
Project Manager: Ha Van
Designer: Nguyen Hoang Tan Tai
Team: May design – Thiet ke co tam

Designer : May design

Location : Dong Nai province, Vietnam

Project : Snack packaging