December 30, 2023

Martin Grassl

We wanted to create an ashtray that looks great in any bar, even when not actually being used as an ashtray! For example, our ashtrays are often employed by bars as a “depository” for coins or other small things. Ashtrays are customarily made from either glass or ceramics. That sounded too boring. So, Porfidio created a 3D design object that fuses both glass and porcelain into one, making the design a great conversation starter at any bar. As with all things Porfidio, each cactus is handmade, and so is the porcelain ring that surrounds the glass cactus in its midst.

Functionality No. 1: ‘Bigger Diameter’ = ‘Less Dirt’
Porfidio aimed to create an ashtray that manifests superior functionality for bars and nightclubs. “Functionality” means that the ash should “safely” land inside the ashtray without littering the space around it. Thus, we opted for a larger 12.5 cm diameter format, rather than the customary 10.5 cm standard, despite the incremental production and shipping costs. The extra two centimeters really help tipsy smokers to reach the “target,” and, because of its larger size, the ashtray can accommodate cigars too!

Functionality No. 2: Increased Stability
For further functionality, we increased the ashtray weight from the standard 200 grams to 650 grams. This makes our ashtray more stable and less likely to be advertently pushed over by a tipsy customer.

Functionality No. 3: No Surface Scratch Marks
Bar owners are all too familiar with the fine scratch marks that cheap ceramic ashtrays leave on polished wood surface counters and tables. To solve this issue, we glued a soft rubber pad to the base of our ashtray.

Designer : Martin Grassl

Location : Zurich, Switzerland

Project : Happy Cactus Ashtray