May 16, 2023

Jo Cutri Studio

Branding, Packaging & Website Design

Packaging that helps the world grow. And it’s no longer too good to be true.

TrueBoo provides biodegradable, pesticide-free, and customisable bamboo packaging that helps to preserve the planet’s natural resources.
Their mission is to create a better world by promoting sustainable practices and reducing waste.

The logo and brand pattern is inspired by 1950’s American minimalist artists and emphasises the natural and organic growth of bamboo, which reflects the brand’s values and mission. TrueBoo’s packaging is a sustainable solution that helps the world grow and is no longer just a dream.

TrueBoo’s pure bamboo packaging is not only better for the planet, but it is also better for people, breaking down quickly in nature and reducing environmental harm.

Designer : Jo Cutri Studio

Location : Melbourne, Australia

Project : TrueBoo