December 15, 2023


Branding Identity Design For Trurituals

At the center of the logo, there is a stylized and vibrant flame, symbolizing Fire. Fire represents the purity and transformation found in Indian rituals and ceremonies. It signifies the spiritual and transformative power that is integral to various religious practices. Encircling the flame, there’s an earthly circle, symbolizing the element Earth. This element represents the grounded nature of Indian culture, highlighting the importance of tradition, heritage, and the profound connection to the land. It embodies the idea of being firmly rooted in the rich soil of India’s cultural and religious traditions.

Flowing around the Earth, there is a serene wave-like pattern, symbolizing Water. This element represents the fluidity and adaptability of Indian culture, signifying the ever-flowing stream of traditions and beliefs. Above the Earth, there is an ethereal, open space, symbolizing the element Space (Akasha).

Subtle swirls of air encircle the entire logo, representing the element Air. Air symbolizes the life force and the breath of spirituality in Indian culture. It embodies the concept that spirituality and culture are constantly evolving, much like the ever-changing patterns of the wind. The color palette of the logo combines earthy tones, vibrant blue, deep green, and ethereal whites, reflecting the rich and diverse cultural and religious landscape of India. The selected fonts are elegant and timeless, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to quality and tradition.

In summary, the Trurituals logo beautifully encapsulates the profound connection between Indian culture and religion, celebrating the five fundamental elements of nature as a source of inspiration. It is a symbol of luxury, spirituality, and the deep-rooted cultural and religious heritage of India, making it a brand that offers not just textiles but a connection to the soul of India.

Designer : Jaheratdesign

Location : Ahmedabad, India

Project : Trurituals