December 29, 2023

Indigo Branding Agency

The naming and branding of this project were inspired by the most beautiful and fruitful season of the year, the autumn. The name is delivered from the native Armenian “forest” and shares the idea that all the fruits, now “domesticated” can be found in the wilderness, the forest.
Accentuating the forest meant for us underlining the fact that the products have an organic base and are all-natural.
Visually the sense of forest and autumn harvest is delivered through hand-drawn acrylic illustrations of realistic fruits each paired with their leaves. Our idea of adding leaves on the label of the product had several reasons. First of all, we treated the fruits here not just like objects, but as the main characters of the product. For example, the strawberry is the main character, the hero of the strawberry jam. After switching our perspective to this, we created a packaging design that resembles Hollywood-style movie posters, where the main hero is represented in the process of its transition. In our case we showed the transition from a tree to a fruit.
By adding the leaves we also increased the visual dynamics of the fruits, making the labels stand out among other similar products. Second, this gives a clear illustration of what we also wanted to accentuate, the lifecycle of each fruit. To underline the idea of cycling in life, in harvest and natural goods, we gave a little “twist” to the leaf, making it look like Ying and Yang symbol.

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Designer : Indigo Branding Agency

Location : Yerevan, Armenia

Project : Antari Packaging Design