December 16, 2023

Estudio Pablo Guerrero

Fontecalada is the toponym of a single-vineyard, limited edition red wine, made by the artisanal winemaker Olga Verde in a historic plot. There Mencía grapes grow in a soil rich with limestone, thus creating a wine deeply rooted in this mineral terroir.

A limey soil that is also portrayed on each bottle through a deliberate crack in the label, conveying the wine’s unique character. This tactile experience reflects the meticulous and evocative trade of the author. In addition, a special paper wrapper with a scannable code links to a Spotify playlist, curated by the winemaker. Blending taste, touch and sound makes Fontecalada a sensorial journey into her personal winemaking universe.

Designer : Estudio Pablo Guerrero

Location : León, Spain

Project : Fontecalada, a Single Vineyard Limited Edition Red Wine