November 19, 2023


Crazy Cream is more than just an online dessert shop; it’s a paradise for pudding cream enthusiasts in Saudi Arabia. Our mission is simple yet profound: to kindle a passion for indulgence and to build a brand that’s as lively and youthful as the tasty flavors they serve.

At DearBrand, our goal is to awaken your taste buds to the joy of indulgence. We are dedicated to creating a brand that embodies the essence of vibrant, youthful, and utterly delicious pudding cream.
The branding includes brand strategy, brand identity, logo design and packaging design that all directed towards providing a delightful and immersive experience with the product.

Creative Director : Abdul-Rhman Abdul-Hadi
Brand Designer :Nourhan Obeid
Copy Writer : Ala’a Wajieh

Designer : Dearbrand

Location : Amman, Jordan

Project : Crazy Cream – Where Sweet Dreams Come True!