December 26, 2023

DDH Branding Consultancy

IDELIA is not just a showcase of our design expertise – it’s a culinary journey sculpted for varied dining experiences. Our vision in creating this sauce line was to create a brand that stands out visually and resonates deeply in a marketplace filled with diverse taste preferences.

In the design of IDELIA, we embraced a narrative of taste, conveyed through a vivid palette of colors that reflect the essence of each sauce. The packaging is transformed into a canvas, where each sauce is depicted by a high-definition, gastronomic photograph, telling a mouthwatering story with a focus on the colors used.

Moreover, the packaging does more than showcase each sauce; it invites you on a gastronomic tour to the countries of their origin. It displays the perfect dishes to pair with each sauce, further enhancing the culinary experience. A common theme across the line is the strategic placement of the plate with food in each image, creating a sense of unity and harmony, reflecting the interconnectedness of global cuisines.

IDELIA is not merely a brand; it’s a centerpiece at the dining table, promising to turn meals into gourmet experiences, and a testament to the power of thoughtful design in storytelling and creating emotional connections.

Designer : DDH Branding Consultancy

Location : Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Project : IDELIA: Sauce portfolio