April 25, 2023


What do Profilia spa, the largest service center for contemporary window and door manufacturers, and Birrificio Ventitré, the craft beer produced in Irpinia, have in common? The passion for taste that takes shape and is expressed through art. The illustrations on the labels were created by Tiago Galo, a Portuguese artist, who was able to convey the three founding values of Profilia spa: the territory, the vision to aspire to and the boundless imagination. The labels are made with extremely vivid colors to make the silhouettes as visible and recognizable as possible. The brand and the characteristics of the beer have been deliberately placed on the side of the can to make room for the illustration embellished with a phosphor print, which succeeds in an exceptional way, turning off the lights, to highlight the brand and the company payoff (unlimited Ideas ) and more originality to the whole project. The cans must be placed one on top of the other to appreciate the definitive illustration.

Designer : BasileADV

Location : Bonito, Italy

Project : Storia