December 21, 2023

AS Strategy Branding & Communication

Inspired by nature, created by Agnes

Finally, I found her. I barged into her workshop banging the door behind me. She didn’t move. That’s how taken she was by what she was doing. The nuts, crunchy and golden, were rattling, and the trays smelled of honey, sesame, chocolate, and fruit. She had kept recipes from her travels, much like others keep maps. When she sensed my presence, she weighed me with one glance and then cut a piece from one of the trays. She folded it in paper and wrote Hello Agnes. “This is specially made for you,” said and smiled. Everything mellowed inside me. I closed the door behind me softly this time. I knew my journey had just begun. I knew it would take me a lifetime to discover all her personas, to understand how she transforms with every recipe. How Agnes becomes a different creator behind every flavour. And how every bar is handcrafted to offer pure delight and do some good in the world.

Designer : AS Strategy Branding & Communication

Location : Athens, Greece

Project : Hello Agnes