March 1, 2023


Inspired by authenticity and the pleasure of good company, the new brand image for Qui sème récolte now ties together, in a natural combination, the various spheres of activity within this Lanaudière-based agri-food business. The new and nimbler graphics platform is based on an evolving grid system that allows these producers to easily adjust their offer depending on harvests, seasons or whims of the moment. A palette of soft colours is used to evoke flavours, while a seal, showing the sprouts of a future crop, certifies that these are craft products. From apple seeds to sunflower kernels, it’s all designed to interpret and appreciate the full range of products in all of their subtleties. When entertaining friends or for mornings at the cottage, these pure and simple foods turn every meal into a special occasion.

Designer : Acolyte

Location : Trois-Rivières, Canada

Project : Qui Sème