March 10, 2023

A.S. Strategy

An everyday, over the counter chocolate confectionery found in Greek supermarkets and convenience stores, one that can be eaten on the spot whether in the street, office, home or carried inside a bag.

The name ‘kellipops’ derives from the greek word ‘keliphos’ meaning ‘shell’ – signifying the chocolate coating and ‘pop’ which is a fun word defining the mood, excitement, sound of crunch, that pleasant surprise on the tongue. Also a pack which pops out when you see it.

The logo uses typography inspired by the ‘60s, using a round and bold font with a playful mood. The design concept is inspired by the pop art movement using bright contrasting colours.

The giant product signifying the variant, is placed in the centre bearing a transparent section which allows visibility of the actual product inside the bag. On each case, the product in the centre is bisected and treated as a demo illustration taking us into the inner world of the candy-coated ball: milk chocolate, whole almond centre, cocoa cereal, rice cereal.

The background consists of each variant’s products forming a pattern related to a ‘60s polka dot array. The combination of colours, the shiny surfaces and bold letters, all become a happy composition and a wonderful mess of the joy of life. It’s a friendly world where nothing is sharp or complicated but innocent, round and nostalgic. It’s a world you would enjoy like a Ferris wheel on an amusement ride of taste.

The flag-like logo of the company is a redesign of their old logo – also a flag – which kept the old elements but brought it to a new century.

Overall, the way the product line has been designed is one that will accept more variants if they come along in this well-thought-out concept, without looking boring, dated or uninterestingly similar. The central point which is the cross-section of each product is the key point of difference among the variants while the red colour and graphics bind them together under the same brand.

Designer : A.S. Strategy

Location : Athens, Greece

Project : Kellipops