December 1, 2022

Visual Brain Gravity

Gori?ar family fish farm, where since 1978, the third generation has been passing on the knowledge of breeding, processing, and selling freshwater fish in a traditional way. Culinary gifts are created by the inspiration of the beautiful Gorjanci in the hardworking hands of people. Conscientiously fulfilling all the teachings of science and experience, the fish farm is the source of fabulous numbers of the highest quality fish. And the sensitive work of her family is the basis for the deliciousness of the dishes. The inspiration for elaborate flavors comes from the source of the well. He offers us beautiful, carefully processed, passionate, and authentic treasures for a feast. He gives us the gift of seven fish from a clear well…

The name Studenec comes from a beautiful story written by Janez Trdina: Gospodi?na (“Princess”). We wrote our story in his style of writing. Trdina traveled widely across the Lower Carniola, compiling notes on the life and customs of local people. His notebooks were filled with folk sayings, folk tales, anecdotes, and customs. Trdina edited them in an emphasized realistic, even naturalistic manner, rejecting the Romantic vision of idyllic countryside. In 1882, he published these notes in a volume titled “Bajke in poverty o Gorjancih” (Tales and Stories of the Gorjanci Hills).

Illustration – Hana Stupica (1988) is one of the most prominent representatives of the young generation of Slovenian illustrators. She creates masterful images, intertwining the noble painting and illustration tradition and modern forms of visual art. She is a master of painting with exceptional attention to detail. Despite his family heritage as a painter and illustrator she impresses with his recognizable and distinctive author’s poetics and aesthetics.

Within the new logo, there is a symbol of the family initials and their local stream. All efforts of the family have always been closely connected with the natural production of 7 different fishes. Their tagline follows that gift of nature.

Designer : Visual Brain Gravity

Location : Ljubljana, Slovenia

Project : Studenec