August 30, 2022

Verliebt Designstudio

At Mellow Chocolate our objective has always been to craft chocolate of the purest and finest quality; from only two ingredients including thoughtfully sourced cocoa beans & natural unrefined sugar. Our processes, products & goals are derived from a sustainable mindset of working with ethical cocoa farming, pure organic ingredients & renewable plastic-free packaging.
That is also why we wanted to find sustainable packaging. The solution was paper packaging from the Lokta Bush. The tree grows in protected areas and serves as a vital reserve of biological resources in the unique and diverse Himalayan ecosystems. When harvested, the lokta bush regenerates to a fully developed plant in 4–6 years.
Apart from the sustainable story the paper also has a tactile feel giving just the right impression of craft chocolate to the consumer. The paper is colored with natural ingredients such as spices giving it a variation in the color, and thereby reflecting the craftsmanship.
The design was made with the respect to the chocolate bars, where less is more is the key. We want to reflect the simplicity and honesty from the product in the design. The typography has a handheld look adding to the handcrafted experience we want to give the customers.
Every color is carefully selected to fit into our nordic and minimalistic universe. The colors are all earthy colors making the customer feel, they are closer connected to where the cocoa beans come from, but they also represent the taste. Our single origin bar with citrus flavors is packed in yellow wrapping, and the bar with coffee is packed in a dark brown wrapping true to the color of coffee beans.

Designer : Verliebt Designstudio

Location : Copenhagen, Denmark

Project : Mellow / Let’s raise the bar