July 24, 2022

Unika* Studio

MAISON DU SOLIDE it’s a french solid cosmetics brand that puts all its effort into creating Solid Cosmetics with the least chemicals possible and the smallest footprint possible.



Celine, Melanie, Mariel, Alexia, Fleurage, David & Noemi, Pierre & Amelie. You can call us by our name because we are the base and ceiling of this conscious innovation maison.

Our house is open so you can see through it and what you see is exactly what you will get. Solid cosmetics created in our own laboratory in France with the truly best ingredients and aware processes aimed to take perfect care of you and the planet.

Solid is our commitment and transparency is our means of fulfilling it.

We hardly leave any trace as we rely on the basics to build a better future. Why not remove that which we don’t need? We know that your hair, face, body and soul are beautiful when taken care of naturally, and even more when they are in harmony with the environment. Take our solid cosmetics in your hands and be certain that what you hold is as natural as it can be and as good as it can get.

Use them to nourish your body and feel your skin breathing thankfully together with the earth. By reducing unnecessary processes and costs, we make this high quality experience completely affordable; live it with total confidence and the pleasure of knowing that Maison du Solide cares for you as much as for the planet.

Strong ecological and entrepreneurial values are the foundations of our house and family. You are welcome to step in, and why not, become part of it enjoying what we have created with so much love and care. Call us by our name because we are all yours.

Designer : Unika* Studio

Location : Lisbon, Portugal & Bali, Indonesia

Project : Maison du Solide