April 24, 2022

Sump Design

Flowing fragrance | light and shadow of memory. FLOWRST is a fragrance brand from HK mainly producing diffusers and sprays. FLOWRST logo symbolizes flowing fragrance. Like musical symbols, the image of abstract flowing captures emotional connection within time while feeling fragrance, we are lost in memory and time. That is to say, it presents consumers a lingering combination of touching and feeling. LOGO unites F+R fluidity to show flowing fragrance. The auxiliary graph uses graffiti spray to visualize time and scent that creates brand atmosphere. Strolling among flowers, grass and cities in the afternoon, memory like music comes along. Time passes, light and shadow blink, each dawdling piece of memory, just like flowing fragrance, when remember that old good days…… Packing and label are inspired by city buildings and signs that are presented in the abstract form with graffiti flowers, grass, light and shadow, a symbol of existing scent and memory.

Designer : Sump Design

Location : Tainan City, Taiwan

Project : FLOW RST