October 17, 2022


Making culture around and within products, telling the story of the fascination of a territory and a time when beauty reached total harmony: this philosophy animates the Igéa brand project. A marriage of science and emotion in the world of holistic cosmetics.

The company asks me to emphasize the artisanal production method and communicate how natural the products were, original recipes with ancient roots: Magna Graecia, a magical territory.

I propose a meaningful naming and pay-off: “Igèa, beauty is in the soul.”

Why Igèa? It is the name of a goddess, a symbol of health and hygiene. A statue of her was found in 1876 and is now on display in the Capitoline Museums in Rome. I chose a clear and clean graphic sign for the logo: essential and proportionate, as in the aesthetic canons of Greek art. Inspired by the ornamental geometries often found in the decorations of ceramic vases, I derived from the outline of the letter “G” of the trademark a distinctive graphic element: a concatenated motif that wraps around the product packaging. The color palette also draws inspiration from history. Pantone 7606 – a pale coral – leads back to the epic scenes reproduced on some vases found in Metapontum (Matera). They are attributed to the so-called Painter of Dolone, a potter active in the late 5th and early 4th centuries BC. C.

For the packaging of the six products currently on the market, I used a havana-colored, FSC-certified eco-friendly cardboard.

Spero conveys a sense of naturalness to the eye and to the touch, emphasizing the beneficial and relaxing contribution of the cosmetic.

Designer : Qiqa

Location : Cosenza – Calabria, Italy