August 27, 2022

Polar, Ltda.

Saber (Knowledge) and sabor (flavor) are two words with the same root: in Portugal, it is said that something flavory “knows well”. For Kiro, a pioneer in the manufacture of switchel in Brazil, this connection goes beyond the dictionary: there, everything is made with flavor and knowledge.

Since 2017, the company’s purpose has been to offer a drink that is not only healthy and clean label, but also to create a sustainable business capable of strengthening small producers. The four flavors and the canned version (carbonated and alcoholic) are made with ingredients of agroecological origin. Nowadays, production, which started in the home of one of the partners, takes place in its own factory in São Paulo, allowing full control of the chain. All this care, combined with the intense and refreshing flavor, makes Kiro a brand with a devoted audience.

To reflect the more mature moment of the business, we redesigned the beverage labels, reinforcing the protagonism of some elements already consolidated: the logo (Estúdio Colletivo) and the illustrations (Fabrizio Lenci) that refer to the ingredients of each flavor.

In addition to the labels, we also designed a new visual identity, contemplating a chromatic palette, illustrations and iconography, positioning Kiro as a drink beyond sober curious and suitable for all occasions. The new typographic palette was designed for a brand that makes a great of use of text in its communication: words and phrases are organized in order to generate recognizable textures, strengthening the idea that Kiro knows very well.

Designer : Polar, Ltda.

Location : São Paulo, Brazil

Project : Kiro Switchel