December 23, 2022

Pepclan Design

Chikki is a healthy Indian confection, made with pure jaggery commonly combined with roasted Nuts. Gud-Nut by grandma is a traditional handcrafted Chikki that represents the authenticity of its process and pure ingredients.
The challenge was to stand out among modern & contemporary Chikki brands & to design packaging that enhance the product value and creates an experience that the user could engage through.
Our packaging Gud-Nut by Grandma from its name written in English and Devanagari represents the ingredients used in the process which is Gud meaning Jaggery in Hindi and Nut to encapsulate peanuts, Sesame, and Bengal-gram.
The use of soft hues, Illustrative elements and Grandma making a Chikki compliments the form of a window cut to tell a story of traditional Chikki making process that has been used in every Indian household and has been a sweet memory for everyone which also indicates the pure homemade quality and creates a sense of nostalgia.
As result, It not only creates an experience but also showcases the legacy of Ms. Shantaben, A Godmother of @shreemammam that has been catering pure indigenous experience.

Designer : Pepclan Design

Location : Vadodara, India

Project : GUD-NUT by Grandma