November 7, 2022

Omni Creative

NOBULL… is new, rebel, avant-garde snack brand especially developed for the US market. Based in Europe, the creative team behind NOBULL… wanted to reframe the marketplace and the way people consume. In contrast to most premium snack brands, that charge more so they can pay for their expensive advertising, celebrity endorsements and influencer campaigns, NOBULL… concept was built around the idea of getting the best value for money, focusing on what really matters: the ingredients, the taste, and the customer satisfaction. The name itself is unconventional for food category, but speaks for itself, “NOBULLSHITTING, delivering just tasty snacks!”

What sets this packaging design apart from other snack brands, are that concept messages on the front and on the back side. The front covers the message for the excessive spending, especially in the advertising industry. On the back site, through illustrations of rebels holding a protest sign with a specific message aimed to support the brands cause. This approach was used to encourage customers to think twice before making a decision on which snack brand to choose. The third message on the packaging speaks of one of the brand pillars, which is community-based marketing. Again, through the rebel illustrations, the brand asks its customers to spread the word if they like the snacks taste. Through these messages and the concept, the brand wants to showcase their commitment for the need of reevaluation of the overall excessive advertising spending and placing close focus on the products quality & customer satisfaction.

The packaging design received a Gold Award on Muse Design Awards 2021.

Designer : Omni Creative

Location : Skopje, Macedonia

Project : No Bull Packaging Design