January 30, 2022

Natalia Athayde Porto - Studio Bah

Maira Marques is a local chocolate shop in Porto Alegre/Brazil.

The brand sought to position itself, professionalize its delivery and create a classic image, inspired by Belgian chocolatiers. Such goals focused on the main products: Nutella Straws, Gingerbreads and Bonbons. The work began with the positioning strategy and unfolds into a set of consistent packages.

Decisions made at the visual identity level were highlighted in order to create a standard set of packaging. Having the identity system replicated in different formats, an identification and reinforcement of the brand’s presence was generated through the packaging family.

In result, the brand’s objectives were solved, such as not damaging the product and organizing the exhibition. When arranged together, the products create homogeneity, generating an impactful graphic stain on the shelves.

The new packaging is a turning point in the brand’s life. It allowed Maira Marques Chocolatelie to take on a professional character and transcend the atelier walls. The business problems were solved, ensuring the conservation, organization and exposure of products at the stores and the increase in sales.

Designer : Natalia Athayde Porto – Studio Bah

Location : Porto Alegre, Brazil

Project : Maira Marques Chocolatelie